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Do you Know ?

  1. -Your need good site surveyor before good system integrator and PMC
  2. -Your need good site surveyor to curtail security system budget
  3. -Site survey is the first step in the operation of a security system
  4. -Site survey is important step before security system design.
  5. -Only proper site survey can avoid ambiguity in system design.
  6. -Only proper site survey can avoid dumping of unwanted models and devices at your place.
  7. -Optimum system design is not possible without proper site survey and surveyor.
  8. -Proper site survey can save your cost.
  9. -Improper Site survey can lead to wrong security systems design and can fetch undesired functioning of devices.

Do you know ?

Site survey is the first step in the operation of a security system and the most important step before system design to ensure desired operation. A site survey is a task-by-task process by which the surveyor studies the facility to understand the actions of makes and models, find out coverage areas, checks for intrusion and determines the appropriate placement of security systems devices.

Why it's effective ?

  • 1] Avoids unnecessary  speculations.
  • 2] Plugs the extra spending on unwanted devices
  • 3] Gives you guideline for  resource planning
  • 4] Helps your company to plan you budget
  • 5] Avoids redundant solutions

Site Survey

  1. -Site survey
  2. -Visit by certified professional
  3. -Report submission with facts & figures
  4. -Lead time 72 hours
  5. -Location of critical areas
  6. -System recommendations
  7. -Best performing model suggestions
  8. -Complete system design
  9. -Design submission
  10. -BOQ preparations with make & model list
I was bit skeptical about a call. That mere survey from a professional can save my cost .But thanks for proving me wrong

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  1. How many smoke detectors,Cameras are required?
  2. Which brand is advisable for my office?
  3. Understand how BOQ is done ?
  4. How quote is prepared?
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